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Trumpet players love to ask "what do you play on?"  Here is a rundown of the horns and mouthpieces I use most (at the moment) for the most common styles of music I play.



*Yamaha YTR-8335LA (Wayne Bergeron), Gold

Yamaha YTR-8310z (Bobby Shew), Silver

Olds Super Recorder, Balanced (Harry James)

Benge, Los Angeles

Bach Stradivarius Model 37


*Yamaha YTR-9445NY (Phil Smith), Silver

Bach 229, 25H, Gold 

Bach New York


*Schilke E3L


*Schilke P5-4, Gold

Schilke P7-4

Selmer Paris


*Yamaha Bobby Shew

*-Denotes most used horn


Bb Classical/Studio Work:

Bach C1.5c* cup, 1.25C Rim, 117 

*yes, there are two Cs, first capitalized, the 2nd lower case.  No, I do not know what this means.

Broadway Shows:

"Harriman Los Angeles" by Pickett Brass

Schilke 14A4A (for lead passages)

Big Band Lead/Rock Band:

Marcinkiewicz E12.4 R. Ingram

C Trumpet/Orchestral Work:

Bach C 1 1/4c Cup, 1 1/4C Rim, 26

Piccolo Trumpet:

Warburton-Oviedo 5MC, S11


Chas Colin NY

Boyde Hood would always say "Never changing equipment is just as bad as always changing equipment."

While the above is what I currently play on, like any stereotypical trumpeter, I am always on the lookout for a new gear to try!

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