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(Pictures last edited July 5th, 2019)

Monster Trumpet section at Omega Studios!
Dad conducts as I guest solo on "A Tribute to Harry James" at the WWII Memorial in Washington DC
From the Kennedy Center, playing the World Premier of "Voyages
My "Harriman Los Angeles" model by Picket Brass!
Piping in NYC for Anzac Day.
Rehearsing a solo with the USNAB Brass Ensemble
The fantastic orchestra for "On the Town!"
With the Mrs. after a concert at the Kennedy Center
Seann Aldermann of the Canadien 2nd Mechanized Brigade after we piped for the NHL Stadium Series game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Washington Capitals.
Before playing in the orchestra for "Annie"
With the best Scottish drummer of all time, Jim Kilpatrick in Glasgow, Scotland
Doing my duty on St. Patrick's Day.
Filming my "one man pipe band" video
Airmen of Note lead trumpets Brian MacDonald and Kevin Burns saying hello after our performance at the Los Angeles ITG convention
Screenshot of our performance on CNN with the piano guys. Bonus points for Columbus being in the background!
Playing some Harry James in Washington D.C.
In the Pit for "Titanic" at Signature Theater
Orchestra Pit for "Annie"
Navy Headshot #1, 2012
Navy Headshot #3, 2018
With Ohio State Basketball Coach, Thad Matta
Rachael and I in the orchestra for Carmen
Poster for "Silent Night" at the Kennedy Center.
Mom and Dad at the Kennedy Center
ITG Mock Military Audition competition, Los Angeles.

Judges (Standing) are Davy DeArmond, Jennifer Marotta, and myself. Seated at the three finalists.
Soloing at The Ohio State University
Rehearsing for the inaugural balls with "The Piano Guys"
Rehearsing "Ode for Trumpet" with the Ohio State University concert band
The Ohio State University Mens Basketball team during their visit to Annapolis!
Warming up at ITG Los Angeles
MacMillan Pipe Band, and City of Dunedin Pipe Band. Rivals in competition, friends in beer.
Malcolm McNab and I have the same pianist, Naomi Sumitani. No big deal.
USNA BQ with some pretty heavy star power...
Piping at the Canadien Embassy, ran into fellow union musician friends Chris Walker (Trumpet) and Ben Bokor (Sax)
Nice shout out from composer Raymond Burkhart
Guest soloing at Pickerington High School
Columbus Symphony Brass Quintet + Choir = fun gig
Some pretty big hitters in the Carman orchestra. Chris Walker, myself, Rachael, Joe Jackson, and Tim Stanley with the photo Bomb
In Baltimore playing for the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner
USNA BQ + Percussion
Are you really a DC musician if you don't take a selfie in front of the White House?
Great man and Mentor, Dr. Russel Mikkelson
International Diplomat status at the RMC in Kingston, Ontario
A rare sighting: me soloing in a big band.
High notes come out easier if you lean back
Michael Sachs isn't sure if he likes what he's hearing
Family after a USNAB Concert
USC trumpet professor, Boyde Hood. I owe a lot to this man
Playing for President Obama
USNA Trumpets 2014
laying down studio tracks
LA Studio recording, 2007
My small, but mighty band, the Maywood Academy High School concert band
Wedding piping
To play in a rock band, you have to wear sweet shades
USC masters recital, when I thought it was cool to dress like a Colombian Drug Lord
Buglers Holiday with Former Stan Kenton Lead Trumpet John Harner, and future Richmond Symphony trumpeter Dan Lewis
"Birth of the Blues" with the OSU Marching band, MANY moons ago
USNA Graduation
"The Next Wave" playing at Washington College
2012 USNAB Trumpet section
Three generations of Harriman on One gig!
Bayfield Brass
Playing the Maryland RenFest with the Bayfield Brass!
USNA Brass Quintet (Plus percussionist) posing for our official ITG Los Angeles Program
A throwback to the Band Director days!
The Riptide Jazz Ensemble performing Downtown Annapolis
Naval Academy Oktoberfest with the Brass Quintet
More Brass Quintet fun in Newport, RI
USNAB Brass Sextet presenting a masterclass at Towson University
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