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Argyllshire Gathering

Teaming up with members from Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and the City of Dunedin Pipe Band to form a virtual clone band!

Amazing Grace

Filmed on the banks of the Severn River, this video was posted by the United States Naval Academy Band's facebook as tribute to former President George H.W. Bush on his passing, garnering over 282,000 views.


Using some movie magic, I form a one-man band for this USNA St. Patricks day video, which received over 436,000 views on Facebook!


Performing on snare with the Grade II MacMillan Pipe Band, this run would win Best Medley, and Best Drum section at the Chicago Games


Same selection as the above video, however this time at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland!


Combining a GoPro from my snare with some video shot by the crowd, enjoy the MacMillan Pipe Band's drum corps as we successfully defend our title and win 1st place at the American Pipe Band Championships at the Virginia Tattoo for the 2nd year in a row!

The Green Glens of Antrim

Not content with being a world class Trombone and Euphonium player, my Grandpa also was a highly regarded bagpiper and teacher of Scottish druming.  He was a former Piper Major of the Capital City Pipes and Drums, Fort Wayne Indiana Pipes and Drums, and was a member of the Shamrock Club Pipes and Drums.   He founded the Aladdin Shrine Pipes and Drums and  the GlenMar Pipe Bands.  I try my best at playing all three parts on his arraignment of "The Green Glens of Antrim."

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