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The following selections I did not post on my "main" media page for various reasons. Some are "amateur" college recordings, some have bad audio, or some are difficult to pick out definitive "me" highlights. Despite their imperfections, each are of personal significance to me.  Whatever reason you have made it this far in my website, I hope you enjoy them.  Make sure you have some good speakers/headphones on!

Festive Overture, Principal Trumpet, US Naval Academy Band

Though written for orchestra, this might be my favorite "band" piece to perform, as the 1st trumpet part caters perfectly to all of my strengths. This particular performance was recorded live at the USNA Main Chapel, hence the large amount of reverb. This concert was also an emotional one, as it marked the last concert band performance for a large amount of my USNA Band colleagues.  

Festive Overture -
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Asphalt Cocktail, Principal Trumpet, OSU Wind Symphony

Combining undergraduate and DMA studies, I spent 8(!) years in the OSU Wind Symphony.  There I performed hundreds of works, though none changed the course of my life quit like this one.  One day during rehearsal I decided to take the last note up an octave.  Despite many annoyed looks, one flute player who "dug high notes" turned around and for the first time noticed the new trumpet GTA.  We would eventually get married.  

Asphalt Cocktail - Unknown Artist
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Keystone Celebration, Principal Trumpet, USNAB Brass Ensemble

My first concert as a member of the USNAB was with the Brass Ensemble and this piece was my first playing principal.  It has a nice little solo, a lot of double tonguing passages, and includes some pretty high notes for a classical piece (which is why I was assigned this part in the first place). On the first day of rehearsals, I was  nervous and wanted to make sure my new colleagues in the trumpet section didn't question whether or not I was the correct hire.  After the first run, principal trumpet Carl Lindquist simply said "Ladies and Gentlemen, Matt Harriman has arrived."  

Keystone Celebration -
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Mahler Symphony 2, Principal Trumpet, USC Orchestra

Despite this being my 2nd year of my masters degree, this was the first time I had ever played principal in ANY orchestra. In fact, I  did not even own a C trumpet when I started my masters work at USC. When I began at USC, I underwent a complete re-build of my chops, famously not playing the the trumpet once in lessons my entire first semester I studied with Boyde Hood. He was more concerned with smoothing out a lot of fundamental problems I had with my chops which we worked out with his mouthpiece routine. This required patience on both our accounts.  This concert was validation for many months of completely rewiring my face on how to play the trumpet.  

Mahler 2, mvt 2 -
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Russian Christmas Music, Assistant Principal Trumpet, US Naval Academy Band

The personnel we had in this specific brass section could hang with any section in the world, Military or Orchestral.  Do yourself a favor, when you get to the finale (about 12 minutes in), crank the volume.

Russian xmas - Unknown Artist
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Trumpet Rhapsody, DMA Solo Recital , Ohio State University 

While planning my masters recital literature, Boyde Hood suggested I play Harry James' Trumpet Rhapsody.  Despite makeing leaps and bounds as a player during my tenure at USC, this tune was just out of my ability. One of my most embarrassing moments was having to tell him in a lesson that it was too hard and I couldn't play it.  My final recital of my DMA at Ohio State, I opened with this. Sometimes it is neat to see exactly just how much you have improved in the span of just a few years.

Trumpet Rhapsody - Harry James
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Mahler Symphony 1, Mvt 4, 2nd Trumpet, USC Orchestra

I was never more in awe of a trumpet player than when I was sitting next to Rob Schaer. Quite simply, Rob is the best all-around trumpet player in the world.  Sitting next to him for this was an education in itself. He is now the top-call trumpeter in Hollywood and if you've seen a movie in the past 20 years, you've heard his playing.  He'd also hate that I wrote that and would make fun of me mercilessly if he ever saw this.

Mahler 1, Finale -
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Star Trek 2009, 1st C trumpet, US Naval Academy Band

One of my all-time favorite arrangements to play, by my good friend Chris Buchanan, now head arranger for the US Navy Band, Washington DC.  This was performed live in the USNA Chapel. 

Star Trek 2009 -
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